contemporary printing technology of base Luoyang micro-needle printing limited is set design, and printing, and packaging for one of new integrated enterprise, company to technology for pilot, configuration has perfect of computer design, and laser separations, and proofing, printing Qian equipment, has four Taiwan outside Heidelberg printing machine, and equipped with more Taiwan full cut paper machine, and riding nail machine, and line rubber installed, and had rubber machine, and folding machine, and bronzing machine, and beer machine,, and can of independent completed from beer, and Luoyang micro-needle printing, and Luoyang printing, and Luoyang printing factory, and Luoyang printing company, and Luoyang printing, and Luoyang printing design company, and Luoyang album printing, and Luoyang packaging printing, and Luoyang color printing, and Luoyang envelope printing, and Luoyang sample printing, and Luoyang publicity book printing, and Luoyang poster printing, and Luoyang packaging box printing, and Luoyang carton printing, and Luoyang mobile bags printing bronzing, and hot silver, and bonded, and mounted, and folding, and rubber loaded, and sewn, and package Ridge, and YO circle binding, and complex film to UV, and had oil, more sets printing Hou process, can full to for customer provides printing one-stop service.
companies adhering to the "customer as the Center, creating value for customers" business philosophy to "create products, build brand printing enterprises" as the goal, we respect our customers give us every confidence and expectation, only more professional, more investment, more responsible work, to reward each customer cooperation sincerely and expectations.
we will be printing, packaging the work enthusiasm and dedication, in order to create a new image, new opportunities.
scope of business:
print; handbags, business book, corporate annual reports, brochure, envelopes, posters, book, brochures, business forms, carbonless, a variety of stickers, 30 percent, envelopes, stationery, notes, greeting cards, invitations, tickets, menus and recipes.
business gifts; efficiency manuals, notebooks, diaries, address books, Filofax, advertising cards, desk calendars, wall calendars, desk calendars, paper cups, coasters.
package; fine packing box, packaging box, gift box, food packaging, corrugated box, carton box, Kam.