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Three functions of printing and packaging design

  main business various: agricultural packaging box design printing/grains packaging box design printing/native products packaging box design printing/mountain eggs packaging box design printing/place famous specialty packaging box design printing/boutique grains packaging design printing/small mill sesame oil packaging design printing/various food packaging box design printing/bee products packaging design printing/health products/drug packaging design printing.
packaging of three big function: protection, and convenience, and Sales. packaging is silence of commodity salesman. good of packaging, can directly attract consumers of eye, let consumers produced strongly of purchase to, to reached fast moving pin of purpose. makes commodity in fierce market competition in the, stand out. makes products packaging personality sharp, and highlight, Visual effect strongly. so packaging design also followed times of needs kept of change innovation. better of for commodity service. increased sales, upgrade products brand image, improve commodity added value, packaging up with huge of role.

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