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  printing in we of life in the up with integral of part, but does, said album printing quality, in printing design process in the we must have note several control points, General more used letterpress press printing, it is according to printing products requirements, again in different across version in respectively into variety hue of ink. in series ink roll of series moving role Xia, makes adjacent part of ink mixed 後 again biography to printing version Shang. following detailed said about about control of several points:
1, and First to on currently of album quality status for analysis, understand problem out in which? again remedy, and corrected has yihou must for follow-up of effectiveness track validation.
2, and not rush, quality upgrade is a step by step of process.
3, and by reality for good quality control plans, by plans for implementation, again on implementation results for validation, on differences for improved analysis.
4, and all link are not lax, From shipping must be of the entire process of quality control.
5, books printed on the factors influencing the quality of implementation of effective controls.
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