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The important role of photography in the book printing

  photography sample album design is printing in the most main of constitute elements one of, especially in contemporary plane design in the, as album design, and sample design, and publicity book design, advertising design in the, photography on has important of status. photography technology of invention and using change has contemporary plane design of face. following we to understand Xia album printing in the photography of important role:
1, and image calibration
can said, school color is sample design in the pictures processing stage most important sent link,  Due to screen Shang displayed pictures of color space and print by need of color space is completely different of, even is CMYK four color mode is with RGB simulation displayed of.
2, and improve black concentration
sample design good has yihou, in printing image Shi, if encountered background is pure black, to note cannot only with monochrome black to printing, because single black of color is sent gray, but also don't with four color to printing, four color black and easy partial color.
3, and Flash and sawtooth
Album design will always be need to buckle at the end of the picture, the edge of a line or an arc-shaped edge, prone to not smooth jagged lines or edges, this is due to the different angle of four-colour screen, stay on the light side points and suffer from tooth.

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