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Classification of printing technology

  I company is well-known of printing enterprise, on years to, we response market of needs, for customer provides various quality of album design printing business, we has package of printing products equipment, quality excellent price low of printing design in market Shang has has must of influence, press has various parts composition, following small series to to everyone share Xia printing technology of classification:
1. inkjet: inkjet, specific is we do design Shi of file established, requirements, 1, outdoor large inkjet, File by actual proportion, resolution for 32 pixel/inches, color format for CMYK or RGB specific see machine requirements, some machine due to on black processing bad, we on have with PS will design of file removed black. 2. indoor photo, file by actual proportion, resolution for 72 pixel/inches color format more for RGB color, also has whether need back rubber complex film
2. ink printing
This compared complex is, first through we of design, design requirements for: file size : By actual proportion, file pixel: 300 pixel/inches, file color: standard printing CMYK color set design determine Hou got graphic output Center, will file output for printing by with of Philip forest tablets, again will Philip forest tablets sent to printing factory made PS version ~ last Shang machine printing, printing of machine is divided into monochrome machine and four color machine, hand motivation and automatically machine.
3. alcohol printing
we to understand about alcohol press ~ alcohol press different Yu ink printing machine, Ink printing machine is full mechanized added power added artificial running, and alcohol printing, process simple, only need, computer, paper, and a alcohol printing equipment, it of principle very simple, will traditional printing of technology thaw Yu a Taiwan machine, by computer will information sent to press one-time completed printing process, and can called digital printing, but last by need die cut, complex film, playing hole, operation also is need artificial to completed of.
4. screen printing, due to I on this aspects of knowledge also rarely, So on on this not more statements has ~
5. fast printing,
as its name suggests, "fast" has printing speed fast imaging quality can reached general printing quality even more high advantages, and above as we first to understand about its work principle, from abstract analysis Shang,, this is a Taiwan can print coated paper of large printer group, structure main by computer server and this equipment connection and into.

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