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  main various of printing, album printing, is to pictures show mainly of books printing. Enterprise album printing is refers to enterprise used to publicity himself enterprise of service and other related information of books. fine of enterprise album can to customer left deep of good of impression. Enterprise album of printed, consider to enterprise album of content of how many, select different quality of paper material. If album of content not more, can used more heavy of paper material, To reflected enterprise of quality. Enterprise album of cover also can used convex printing, can makes readers took in hands has better of feel.
support content for publicity material and the publicity CD, support proportion 50%, highest support limit for 10000 Yuan/a, publicity material number many Yu 5,000 copies, CD many Yu 2000 copies.
publicity material of making units should in government procurement printing Sentinel Enterprise; publicity CD of making units in government procurement Sentinel enterprise. publicity material, and Promotional CDs must have one or more foreign languages and text, in the absence of Chinese control of the main content should be translated into Chinese.
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