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  printing business is we of main products, is we of main business, we tightly grasp times pulse, constantly meet customer update, and more high of needs. following understand Xia sample printing of simple knowledge:
sample printing is modern social enterprise publicity, public commercial activities a spread communication way! sample printing, General by two part composition, sample design, sample printing, compared common of is coated paper, dumb powder paper, also has art paper, compared for Yu high requirements, Make budget of enterprise sample! now process has, covered film, bronzing, bump, UV, printing special process!
various specifications of paper format size not as, although are CD folding into same open number, its size specifications also not as, set book Hou, as collectively for how many format on not exact has. China currently to 787*1092 (mm) of paper for standard copies, with it to printing into 32 open of book, called 32 format. If to 850*1168 (mm) of paper to printing into 32 open of book, For paper format than standard copies big, so to Crown a "big" Word, called big 32 format. format of select, General is according to books of nature, and page how many, and readers level, and using conditions, factors to decided of, no must of hard provides. books, and journals of format, most is to 2 of geometric series to CD cut of, such easy in binding Shi using machine folding book. more common of format is 16, and 32, and 64 format, most common of is 32 format.

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