Role and application of Toppan printing paper

  print of various range, its using of requirements and printing way is the has different, so must according to using and printing process of requirements and the features to selection corresponding of paper. letterpress printing paper is we printing products often using of, this paper is should for letterpress printing of dedicated paper, paper of nature with newsprint almost, anti-water, and color quality purity, and paper surface of smooth degrees more newsprint slightly good, sucking ink sex more uniform
letterpress paper is used letterpress printing books, and Magazine Shi of main with paper. applies Yu important with for, and technology books, and academic publications, and big secondary textbook, body with paper. letterpress paper by paper materials components ratio of different, can is divided into 1th,, and 2nd,, and 3rd, and 4th, four a level. paper of number representative paper quality of bad degree, number more big paper quality more poor.
letterpress printing paper main for letterpress printing using. This paper of characteristics and newsprint similar, but and not completely same. due to pulp material of ratio and slurry of tapping solutions are is better than newsprint, Letterpress paper of fibrous tissue compared uniform, while fiber between of gap and was a quantitative of filler and rubber material by filling, and also after bleaching processing, this on formed has this paper on printing has better of adaptability
letterpress printing paper this just printing paper of one, various of paper Jinan to in the and session all of meet General of new old customer, let you with with assured!

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