Several considerations for book design and printing

  known, printing price is and printing number has is big relationship of, but also has is many customer also is is easy to ignored of, is printing price and with paper is has must relationship of, each quotes has many customer will said than other printing manufacturers quotes high has points, now printing price relative compared transparent of, printing workers are difference is unlikely to, so quotes of level why sometimes will has difference does, because with paper brand different, price also different of, also grams heavy of paper has brand different price also different, Following we to understand Xia album design printing of several big note matters;
1, and album printing layout Shang of text distance CD cut edge must >3mm, so as not to CD cut Shi was cut to. text must turned curve or description outside box .  2, and same document in different times printing Shi, color will has differences, chromatic aberration degrees in 10% within for normal (for ink volume control each will has different due to).
3, and color printing in the cannot to screen or printer print of color to requirements printing color, Customer making Shi must reference CMYK color spectrum of percentage to decided making fill color.
4, and color printing in the, color block of color scheme please as avoid using dark or full version color of combination, or printing Hou CD cut easy produced back printing of situation.
5, and album printing end of lines or end of figure color don't below 10%, to avoid printing finished Shi cannot rendering.
6, and using CoreIDRAW9.0 Chinese version design making document, due to group version of need, Mac design document will be converted to PC format.
7, book printing any input or paint graphics, the wireframe thickness can not be smaller then 0.1mm, or printed matter will result in breakage or being unable to render the status. In addition, the line box not set "as the image zoom", otherwise the print output will form an irregular line.

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