Album design should pay attention to in the process of planning issues

  album planning is whole this album completed of key of a step, planning of level decided has finished of quality. planning of another purpose is to in yihou of work in the, can better of coordination the sector work, understand the do what, how do. While, is to more can highlight we enterprise of focus to, album design planning process in the should note following points:
1. full of design planning case must let customer see a image in the of finished album;
2. Album style show effect, let customer more intuitive of determine album style;
3. clear both of responsibility range, and delivery time, basic information.
three: photography
album by pictures and text composition, can said pictures of power than words. each Zhang pictures representative with a site, is enterprise of window. through photos, can performance enterprise scale, and products shape, and color, and material, basic information. album photography should note following several aspects:
1. Highlight products of basic features;
2. performance enterprise strength,;
3. show enterprise spirit, and team power,.
four: photos processing
photography and design are is to pictures of form performance, photographer has himself of aesthetic trend, designer also has its unique of art perspective, so on photography photos for appropriate processing is is necessary, late processing is to upgrade pictures of quality. this process in the, to do following several problem:
1. photos classification, And making Excel list (for the next design typography help)
2. color correction, noise, clipping, etc.

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