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  we today by at of times, has into technology height developed of microelectronics, and big capacity of information times. many yiqian we think impossible of thing and real, in modern has became reality, so, now face we technology of constantly innovation, how reflected out current of sense, let we in printing packaging design can unique does? first, we on can from following points consider:
1. from composition and the graphics of design up consider.
Used different Yu traditional of composition form, as by corner concentrated type, and segmentation type, and density compared strongly and has empty inspiration mood of balanced type, and bulk points parameter plug type, has modern style of composition form, can more clear to to consumers convey today of sense.
2. from Institute of choreography up consider.
used compared modern of text choreography form, as align side type, and align axis type, and oblique row type, and grass row type, and multi-directional grass row type, and as form, and parameter plug type, and stepped type, and gradient type, and Across surface type, choreography form, can reflected out today of sense.
3. from font of design up consider
packaging Shang of text can used has modern sense of font, as new song body, and new bold, and fully world body, and amber body, and new Wei body and itself design of various variant calligraphy, also can using foreign or Hanyu Pinyin of various font to reflected today of modern sense.
4. from packaging of structure and styling up consider.
packaging of structure can used such as helped type, and Sisters, display type, modular, Rotary, easy to open, analog, special, focused advertising of POP structure to reflect today's modern feel.

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