The leader in printing and packaging industry and make unremitting efforts

  a engaged in high-end printing packaging and printing Hou processing of Professional Enterprise, company insisted go brand of strategy route, for many industry set has good of brand effect, and made has is high of economic, by General customer of support and praise, more promotion has we do brand packaging, tree enterprise image of confidence.
we has ahead of design concept, main production: various high-end boutique gift box. business involved home spinning pieces sets gift box, and tea box, and cakes box, and high-end wine gift box, and Liquor gift box, sea cucumber Cordyceps gift box, food health products cosmetics gift box, place famous specialty gift box and the medicine packaging, various high-end products of printing packaging business, is printing packaging industry production process full, and efficiency high, and production big of printing, and printing Hou processing enterprise.
Enterprise since established yilai, end to constantly innovation of technology and science of management system and ahead of market consciousness, constantly of development grow, became printing packaging industry of a star Nova. enterprise has international leading of technology equipment, New network screen CTP directly sedan system, new outside color printing machine, and color short version speed printing machine and the supporting of printing Hou processing equipment.
company adhering to to "talent standard: attitude, and capacity, and loyalty degrees; work standard: seriously, and fast, and adhere to commitment" of principles, sincerely of service Yu cooperation partners, service Yu customer. Let customer assured, worry save money, easy is I door persistent of pursuit.
welcomes social people from all walks of came to visit Guide, chat cooperation.

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