Printing glossy paper in the important role of

  surface paper is printing in the most important of part, is integral of, following let small series to to everyone share Xia printing in the surface paper of important role:
surface paper processing and does not necessarily is books album of cover and back, also including box of surface paper, and packaging box of surface paper, also often in journals or books in the interspersed with part color folding. due to and cover, and back of paper quality, and thickness consistent, And return to surface paper processing a. because this class printing pieces are has may need for some printing Hou of decorative sex processing, especially on paper surface by to for of glazing and added color, also has formed stereo effect of a processing. so printing Hou of with single compared cumbersome, especially need local printing Hou processing of bronzing, and pressure convex, and had UV oil, and printing Crystal oil,, also to concern sedan of quality and grasp time.
General bronzing version of strokes note don't too fine, dang is less than 0.1mm bronzing film is very easy fracture, Hard reached beautiful effect. making these bronzing or pressure letterpress, currently also basic using chemical corrosion method, sedan time more long, General to half to one days time, so dang printing pieces in printing Shi, printing Hou processing of plate also should in while making finished, to in printing object Xia machine Hou can timely to for printing Hou processing.
If has need, I company to reputation seeking development, to quality seeking survival of concept for purposes. warm welcomes new old customer came to Advisory purchase!

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